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“Without Josh Young, I’d still be on page one. We had great communication. I didn’t want it to sound artful. I wanted it to sound natural. And Josh did this.”

--Bob Newhart in Publishers Weekly on “I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This”, co-written by Josh Young

"Aware that digression is the better part of valor, (Newhart) interrupts the low-key autobiographical flow with amusing asides, and this rambling look at "the absurdist side of life" is just as effective in print as on TV, adding depth and dimension to the familiar image of Newhart as a frustrated, flawed everyman. The hilarity is heightened as he reveals how he created his best satirical sketches."

--Publishers Weekly starred review for “I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This” by Bob Newhart, co-written by Josh Young

“Josh Young: He turned my insane and often drunken ramblings into something coherent.  Mixing the words with a great comic sensibility.  When I would get stuck I'd say, “Ahh, Josh you've got to come up with something here and fix it for me.”  And the dude would.  Could not have been done without him.  I'd mow his lawn if he asked me.  Well… I’d pay someone to mow his lawn.”

-- Jim Belushi in “Real Men Don’t Apologize” co-writer Josh Young

“Josh Young is the reason you are reading this book at all. He worked tirelessly to formulate my stream of consciousness writing/rambling into a suitable format for mass consumption."

-- Jay Mohr in “Gasping for Airtime” on co-writter by Josh Young

"A decent, intelligent book about a business that is often neither."

Los Angeles Times movie critic Kenneth Turan on “You’re Only As Good as Your Next One” by Mike Medavoy with Josh Young

"The best book on Hollywood I have ever read."

--Larry King on “You’re Only As Good As Your Next One” by Mike Medavoy with Josh Young

"Josh Young’s energy, patience, and talent were an essential part of the creation of this book."

-- Mel Stuart  with Josh Young

"Josh Young, my co-writer and new friend, helped me put my life in readable form and maintain focus for more than ten minutes at a time. The guy can organize a life, tell a story and turn a phrase with the best of them. In short, he can write."

--Howie Mandel on his “Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me” co-writer Josh Young